Friday, June 20, 2014

Today is not the day Lebanon dies

The Lebanese summer season was off to a good start. Although we are still far from the old glorious summer days when Lebanon’s hotels, restaurants, beach resorts and night clubs would be packed with Arab tourists and Lebanese expats from all around the globe, some positive signs were perceivable. Expats did start flowing to Lebanon, coffee shops and restaurants rejoiced with crowds following the World Cup and the security situation was stable compared to the region and to the past months. 

Today Lebanon was hit by a new car explosion in Dahr El Baydar near the Bekaa Valley. The current siruation in Syria and Iraq is dangerous and is affecting Lebanon. But today is not the day Lebanon dies. We survived many explosions before, we surely can survive today’s. Today is not the day we lose hope in our country and in its future. Today is not the day we forget about all those martyrs who scarified their lives in order to preserve Lebanon and make us an independent and proud nation. Today is not the day we stop partying. Today is not the day we stop dancing all night long on Beirut’s rooftops. Today is not the day we stop tanning under our Mediterranean sun. Today is not the day we stop hiking in our beautiful green mountains and under our majestic cedar trees. Today is not the day our creative spirit and crazy ideas to improve Lebanon dies. Today is not the day we stop investing in our Lebanon to insure its prosperity. Today is not the day we tell our friends and families abroad not to come to Lebanon. Today is not the day our rebellious spirit dies. 

We will continue to show everyone that we love the culture of life, that we love our country, that we are attached to our land and that we are not surrendering to anything or anyone. 

I urge all tourists and Lebanese expats who are still undecided about visiting Lebanon this summer to come in huge numbers and enjoy the legendary Lebanese summer. I urge the Lebanese online community to spread hope and optimism among the Lebanese population and the Lebanese diaspora. 

Today is not the day we let Lebanon down.

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